Intro post! Our daily routine photographed.

Hey guys!

All girls have a daily routine they apply before heading out of the door in the morning.

This is a short summary of our normal daily natural makeup look. We have done two different looks here, Ella’s is first:


1. I begin with a clean face, moisturised and toned.


2. Using foundation, I covered my entire face and blended it into the neck. It’s a medium-coverage mineral foundation, so it doesn’t look too heavy. I like to mix two shades of foundation, one light and one darker to make sure I adjust the foundation to my true skin tone. I added a bit of bronzer right below my cheekbone to add a bit of contour to my face, and a natural peach blush (this is great for day-looks) right above the bronzer. Half-way look below!



3. OK, so we have got the base done. Now I move on to the eyes. I covered my eyelids with a base that was a shimmery beige shade. On top of that I added a soft bronze shade into my crease, to emphasise the colour of my eyes. To add a bit more depth to my eyes I put a bit more darker brown eyeshadow on top of the bronze in my crease, halfway through the eye. I add a bit of gel-liner onto my waterline and smudge it a bit (just two-thirds the way, not entirely up to the inner corner of my eye). I just add a good coat of mascara on my top and bottom lashes. For my lips, I lightly used a natural lip pencil without going over my natural lip line. I smudged a bit of a nude lipstick on top and voila! the look is finished. Here are a couple of shots of the finished look and a closeup of my eye. 🙂



1. As usual, I start with a clean, moisturised face.


2. My base is as follows. My biggest problem is the circles around my eyes so I use concealer around my eye area in a lighter shade than the rest of my face. I use concealer the same shade as my skin tone around my mouth, and a shade lighter down the bridge of my nose. I apply blush to my cheeks, right below my cheekbones (I don’t apply blush on the apples of my cheeks too much). To top it off, I apply highlighter with a soft shimmer in a C-shape, starting from my cheekbone and going up to the arch of my eyebrow.


3. Now the finishing touches. I apply liquid liner to my upper lids, and I make the flick at a point higher than the natural corner of my eye. (This gives a false effect of the outer corner of my eye being more raised). I then apply two coats of mascara to my upper eyelashes only. I finish off the look with some tinted lipgloss. There you go 🙂



And there it is!

Do tell us what you think 🙂

Until the next post, stay fab! xx


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