Ella’s fall look: Golden&dark green smokey eye and burgundy lip

This is a look that I tend to wear more often during the cold season, especially in fall, when I am surrounded by beautiful colors like golden, burgundy and brown. Although I don’t tend to go very often for  a darker lip, I quite enjoy experimenting with red shades during this time of the year. I wear different versions of a smokey eyes quite often, only changing the colors every time around. However,the technique and brushes I use remain pretty much the same every single time. It’s all about playing with colors and being inspired by the things around us!

These are the basic steps I tend to follow when I do a smokey eye:

1. I apply a base color all over my lid with a flat brush, preferably a darker color that will help accentuate the colors I will apply on the top. It also gives me a rough outline of where my lid ends and my crease starts. This time I used a forest green with some shimmer in it as a base color.

2. I accentuate my crease with a burgundy color using a large fluffy brush. 

3. I darken my crease with a more precise blending brush, taking it only halfway into the crease from the outside corner of the eye. I do that using a dark green with no shimmer in it, that looks almost like a black.

4. I also take a bit of the dark green under my eye with a flat brush.

5. I apply a golden shimmery color on the top of the lid, right in the middle of it and blend it a bit with the existing colors using a fluffy brush.

6. I apply gel liner on my waterline and smudge it a bit under the eye halfway in.

7. I finish off by applying a good coat of mascara.

I like to use a red dark lipstick with this look, but I prefer a warmer shade. The one I used here has some brown undertones and I like how it compliments the eye colors.  

Here are some pictures of the finished look. I am sorry for the lack of step-by-step pictures, but we will create another example of a classic smokey eye look with more detailed pictures soon.






Have a fab day!



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