How to: Gradient nails/ Festive nails

Hey guys, Juna and Ella back again.

We thought since the holidays are on the way, it would be nice to try something new and special with a bit of sparkle in it. Ella did a graded nail. This is one of her favourite designs. You can switch up the colours, but the steps remain the same. She really likes the contrast between white and purple and this one is her favourite. Ella apologises for the messy nails! The pictures were rushed (on one hand at least!) Here are the steps:

1.  Cover your nails in a white base coat, preferably a very opaque one. Do two coats if necessary.

2. Using a sponge (you can use any household sponge, cut yourself a small cube of it) cover a corner of the sponge, using the brush of the nail polish. Lightly dab the sponge onto the outer edge of your nails, creating a graded effect two-thirds up your nail.

3. Using another clean corner of the sponge, apply a darker purple shade of nail polish on top of the pink one, stop dabbing a bit lower than the pink shade (maintain the graded effect with this shade too).

4. Using either a very dark purple or a black (Ella used a black for a more dramatic effect), with the sponge, colour the tip of your nail too.

5. Use a clear polish with purple glitter in it to cover the nail (not the whole nail, leave a bit of clean-white at the top of your nail).

6. Apply a clear top coat to seal the look!

Now for Juna’s look: (sorry for the lack of step by step photos, but it’s pretty self-explanatory)

1. Cover all your nails with a bright red base. Let dry.

2. Choose an accent nail, and apply a coat of clear nail polish on top. Immediately after that, sprinkle some nail glitter on the nail. You can use a normal eyeshadow/painting brush, dip it into the glitter, and gently tap over the nail. Move your nail over so that you get glitter evenly all over the nail. (You can do the same with clear nail polish with gold glitter in it, but this technique gives your more dramatic glitter.) Pay careful attention to not let the glitter on to your other nails!

3. Let the glitter settle for 2-3 minutes. Using the same brush, gently pat down on the nail to secure the glitter on to the nail.

4. Put a thick layer of clear top coat (or a couple of coats) to seal in the glitter. You’re done!


Tip of the day!

We know how tough it is to remove glitter off you nails (its akin to getting your nail ripped off, we have felt the pain), so here is a trick to painless and effective removal of glitter and thick layers of stubborn nail polish.

Using a cotton pad (the ones for nail you normally get at Boots), soak it in nail polish remover, wrap it around the top of your finger. Take a piece of aluminium foil and wrap it around the soaked cotton pad, making sure it is tight and secure all around the top of your finger. Let sit for 5-10 minutes (the longer you let it sit, the easier it all comes off). You will know when its working when your finger gets slightly warm (it ain’t gonna be no sauna, don’t worry). Do it while you watch Mob Wives (our guilty pleasure). When your finger gets all hot and steamy (not really, but you know what we mean!) press down on your nail and slowly glide it off your finger. Voila! Polish-free nails courtesy of the Fab Palette 😀

Stay fab! xx


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