Ella’s Skyfall- Bond girl look

Hey there!

I recently watched the new Bond movie- Skyfall and I absolutely loved the look of the Bond girl, she looked stunning! If you haven’t watched that scene yet, go watch it! It is very beautiful. So I thought I would try to recreate it 🙂 We do have very different features though    ( her lips are bigger than Angelina’s!) and the lighting is a bit different in my house so it will not look absolutely identical but here is my version: (OH, excuse my pimples please!:)

Here is the picture of the Bond girl:



The steps:

1. Apply a dark burgundy color as a base( you can also use a plum color or a navy blue color, depending what complements your eyes better) all over your lid with a flat brush, without taking it too high. Here is my a picture of my daily routine( foundation, bronzer, blush) and then the eyeshadow as I started the look.



2. Apply a dark, matte brown color with a fluffy brush in the crease and with the tip of a flat/angled brush use the same brown color to line your upper lid, smudging slightly and under your eyes.




3.  Using a matte black color, accentuare the crease using a smaller fluffy brush, creating a ‘v’ on the outer part of your lid. use the same black and an angled brush to top your upper lash line and under your eyes. Blend the edges with a large fluffy brush.



4. Line your waterline with a black gel liner and add a good coat of mascara.  I like to apply some concealer under the eyes to make sure these is no fallout  from the eyeshadows. After that, apply a very dark red, vampy lipstick(lining your lips with a lip pencil will help the color stay in place) and apply a lipgloss of a similar color to add more shine(this is optional). Voila!

p.s- Did I tell you that I am obsessed with Adele’s ‘Skyfall’?

“Well, it takes a certain type of woman to wear a backless dress with a Beretta 70 strapped to her thigh.”- James Bond, Skyfall.


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