Juna’s soft smokey eye

Hi everyone!

I’m gonna do a soft smokey eye for y’all today. I’ve always found that it’s difficult to pull off a smokey eye without looking like I got punched in the eye. However, through the process of trial and error, I’ve managed to create a look that’s complementary to my skin tone and doesn’t make me look like a raccoon 🙂

Oh and these were shot very early in the morning so my face is all bloated (due to Thanksgiving dinner the night before). Now on to the look:

1. I do my face base (concealer, blush and highlight). For easy reference, I’ve included a photo of all the tools I’ve used for this look, in the order I used them.

From left to right: 1. Big flat brush, 2. Small flat brush, 3. Medium flat brush, 4. Blending brush, 5. Angled brush, 6. Liner brush, 7. Lash comb/brush, 8. Brow brush, 9. Dark brown eyebrow pencil, 10. Mascara.

2. Using the big flat brush, I apply a dark matte brown eyeshadow all over m eyelid, and up in to my crease.

3. Using the small flat brush, I apply a darker brown shade to the outer corner of my eye and into my crease, slowly blending it in two-thirds into my eyelid.

4. Using the small flat brush again, I use black eyeshadow and blend it into the outer corner of my eyes and into the crease. I dont blend this as far as the brown used in the previous step.

5. Using a flat liner brush, I apply the black eyeshadow as a liner on my top lid and under my eye. I don’t do a full application, just from the outer corner of my eye to the middle of my pupil. I apply gel liner on the same area and in my waterline (again, halfway).

6. *This is an optional step* To coordinate the look with my outfit, I added a bit of red to the top of my crease and blended it with the dark brown and black. To make the look go better with your outfit or jewellery, you can add a darker version of that colour and blend it in as below.

7. To finish off the look, I add two to three coats of mascara on my lashes. I apply on all of my lashes on my top lid. For the bottom lashes, I only apply mascara up to the point I have eyeshadow and liner on my waterline (my outer lashes). Mascara is really what brings the whole look together! *Tip*: to make lashes look thicker, apply mascara to the outermost lashes by holding the wand upright, and softly dabbing the mascara to the lashes, bringing them out sideways instead of flicking them to the front.

8. I apply a sheer pink lipgloss, to counter the heavy eye makeup.

9. Finished look 🙂

This look can be made more intense by adding more black eyeshadow for night looks. For a day look, you can substitute the black for a dark brown.

Stay fab! xx


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