The FabPalette gives a makeover!

Hello! It’s Juna here

I’m so excited about our first makeover!

We insisted on doing our friend Muna’s hair and makeup for an event. Here is a quick look at the before and after:

Her makeup was coordinated to match her outfit, which we picked out too.

1. First, I did her face base (concealer, blush and highlight). Muna’s skin is really good so I did not have to use foundation to even it out.

2. I use a white shimmery eyeshadow and cover her entire eyelid up to the crease of her eyes.I also dab some of the white shimmer on to the inner corner of her eye.

3. Next, I use a shimmery dark brown with high pigment. I use this on the outer corner of her eye and blend it out to her crease, and two-thirds into her eyelid.

4. Using a very pigmented dark plum shimmer eye shadow, I apply it on to the outer corner of her eye. This eyeshadow I used looks more like a gun-metal grey when applied. Using an almost-black (not true black) eyeshadow and a flat liner brush, I line her upper eyelid. This line does not have to be ultra-precise, I smudged it a bit as I applied. I then line her lower eyelid halfway (starting from the outer corner of her eye up to the middle of her pupil). This helps to enhance Mona’s almond eyes.

*Sorry! Didn’t have a photo for this step :(*

5. To add some colour to this monochrome look, I add a bit of purple right above her crease, and blend it into the darker eyeshadow.

6. Next, LASHINGS of mascara!

7. I finish the look by applying a dark pink lipstick to her lips. Final look!

Thank you Mona! Hope you enjoyed the look!


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