Bridesmaid makeup recreated!

Hi there!

Our best friend got married this month, and we had the honour of being her bridesmaids :). Ella and I did similar makeup, it was a statement eye with soft lipstick. We wanted the look to transition easily from day to night. We made it a bit more intense than we actually would wear, because makeup tends to fall out as the day wears on, and it shows up much softer on photos.

Here is a photo of us with the chief bridesmaid Laura, and Liliya the bride:

1. For this look, I curled my hair with a straightening iron the night before. The morning after, you will have soft big wavy curls like this.

2. I do my face base, and start on my eyes. With a big flat brush, I apply a shimmery white eyeshadow all over my eyelid and in the corner of my eye. Then, using a medium flat brush, I apply a matte brown eye shadow in the outer corner and crease of my eye. I blend the brown up to the middle of my eyelid.

3. Using a medium flat brush, I dab a little of the purple right above my crease and blend it in with the base eyeshadow. This was to coordinate my eye makeup with the dress.

4. Next up is the gel liner. I apply a very thick line on my upper eyelid, starting from the inner corner of my eye and winging it above my outer corner. I apply gel liner in and below my water line (from the middle of my pupil to the outer corner). When applying the gel liner on my lower eyelid, I draw a continuous line from the middle of my eye and bring it out to meet the winged line I drew on my upper eyelid. This would make a small triangle above your outer corner, just fill this in with gel liner. This gives the the illusion of the outer corner of my eye being higher than it actually is.

5. Next, I fill in my brows to make them look thicker. I use a small flat brush and dark brown eyeshadow. I add mascara to my top lashes and to my outer bottom lashes.

6. Using a shimmery peach eyeliner, I line my waterline (up to the point where my gel liner starts) and dab a little more around the inner corner of my eye.

7. On Liliya’s wedding, I used a soft pink lipgloss for the day and a dark pink lipstick for the night. I used a different, brighter pink for today’s post.

8. Finished look 🙂

Stay fab! xx


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