The FabPalette gives its second makeover!

Hey there!

We gave another makeover recently to our housemate Maria(she has such beautiful features!). She normally doe not wear much makeup so this was quite a big change for her. We decided to go with a soft, pink/brown eye with no eyeliner and a bright pink lip. The warm tones of the makeup really helped brighten up her skin and soften her features. This is a perfect makeup for a date, movie night, cocktail or even for the daytime if you are more daring. Here are the steps:

1. I applied a light coverage foundation with a foundation brush. This helps blend the colors better, especially as I mixed two shades of foundation to make sure I get a good shade for her skin tone. Here is also a picture of The FabPalette makeover station 🙂

2. I apply a concealer that is 2-3 shades lighter than her skin on her eyelids and under her eyes, blending it with a concealer or buffing brush.  Apply a darker concealer in the hollows of your cheecks and along both sides of your temple. With a large powder brush, apply some powder, concentrating on the ‘T’ zone to make sure the makeup lasts all day( forehead,nose and chin). I like to apply it in circular motions to buff it into the skin, so it blends better with the foundation.

3. Apply a shimmery white eyeshadow all over the lid and under your brow bone with a flat brush. Then apply a light pink eyeshadow in the crease with a fluffy brush and under the eye with a flat brush. Finish off by applying a brown color in a “v” shape , focusing on the outer part of the crease and two-thirds under the eye. Do with with a small flat brush, blending it in all the time or with a small pointed brush, doing the same thing. Take a bit of the brown under the eye as well. Line the upper lash line and two-thirds under the eye with a dark brown kohl liner, smudging it slightly with a fluffy brush.

4. Apply a bit of mascara, line the lips with a pink color and fill them in with a fuchsia pink lipstick. Remember, a lipstick such as this one with blue undertones in it will always brighten up the face and make the teeth look whiter 🙂



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