Ella’s signature look: bronze eyes and lilac lips

Hey guys

Today I am going to recreate a look that I tend to wear quite often and that I always receive lots of compliments on. It is fairly easy and quick to recreate, perfect for when you are in a rush but still want a pop of color 🙂  I think a bronze color on the eyes always makes your eyes pop and shine. Also, the shade of pink-lilac I use here is  one that best suits my skin color. It has blue undertones in it, creating a brightening effect for my face. However, you can choose a warmer lilac color if you have darker skin color or it just suits you better. Blue undertones usually tend to wash out those with darker skin colors.

*Tip of the day: in order to find a lipstick color that will make your eyes pop and brighten your complexion, try to find a shade of lipstick that is complementary to the color of the eyes. For example, I have light green eyes, therefore I use a lighter purple or lilac color:) Just use this wheel to find the color opposite to what the color of your eyes is:


For brown eyes, colors that compliment it are similar to green eyes(lilac, violet, or a more pale mauve color):


I hope this was helpful ! 🙂

Here are the steps:

1.With a flat brush, apply a pigmented shimmery bronze color all over the lid. Don’t take it too high above the crease and don’t worry too much about blending . With the same brush, take it under the eye all the way in. Don’t try to be too close to the lash line under the eyes, this look is better if we take the bronze color quite low under the eyes.

*Second tip of the day: if the eye shadow you are using tends to create a lot of fallout under the eyes(like this beautiful, but very messy color from this Sigma palette), make sure your brush is a bit wet before you apply the eye shadow(this works best on very shimmery and pigmented eye shadows)


2. Using a larger flat brush or a fluffy brush, blend out the bronze color in the crease and under the eyes using a lighter shade of brown





3. Apply some gel liner on your waterline and smudge it slightly under the eyes in the outer corners.Apply a bit of mascara on your top and bottom lashes, concentrating on the outer corners.  Line your lips with a violet/lilac color one shade darker than the shade of the lipstick you are using. Apply a lilac lipstick on top. Voila! Image






Hair tutorial on this simple casual hairstyle coming soon! Stay tuned 😉




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