New Drugstore Haul: Vichy, Revlon, Sleek, NYX , Collection 2000

Hey guys! Ella here 🙂

I decided to test some new products I have heard about for quite a while now. I have used each one of these for at least a couple of times now and I here is what I think:

1. Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation. I use it in 45 Gold



I have to confess I haven’t loved any foundations in a long time. My skin has been acting pretty crazy and I have experienced very uneven skin tone lately. This foundation has saved my skin! It doesn’t break me out, has pretty high coverage and it does not dry out the face. I find that a lot of the times with more high coverage foundations they tend to dry out the skin and look awful in a couple of hours. This one covers everything(literally everything!) but still looks natural after about 30 minutes of wear. However, I wouldn’t recommend it if you prefer a light to medium coverage foundation or if you have VERY dry skin( mine is mixed).

2. Sleek Blush by “3” palette in Lace (367)



Please excuse the scratch on in:) I am a bit clumsy at times 🙂 This is a great blush palette to have if you tend to wear peach blushes a lot. I usually go for a peach color on a daily basis so I thought this palette is a bargain and is also very compact. My favorite color is the one in the middle, because it is a bit shimmery and I feel that it looks more natural.  I think the colors are very pigmented and last quite long. The only problem I have with it is that the 2 non-shimmery colors are quite difficult to work with because they are so matte. You have to be a lot more careful with them and not apply too much. However, if you are a fan of matte colors I guess that is great.

3. Sleek MakeUp Ultra Matte i-Divine Palette V2 Darks


I think this palette is great for basic, matte colors in anybody’s collection. It has some great colors and the pigmentation is amazing( you can check my “dark blue smokey eye” pictures to see it in action).This is especially great for smokey looks and party looks. Again, same as with the blush palette- because the colors are very pigmented and quite powdery, they can be quite difficult to blend. You just have to make sure you blend a lot, until it looks nice. I am not a bit fan with the light colors on this palette, I think they are too powdery and don’t have good color payoff.

4. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm StainImage

This is the first lip stain I have ever tried and I must say I really liked it. It does stay very long, as it claims to. I applied it right after I bought it and literally my lips were stained in a lip berry color for 2 days. I like that it is also very moisturizing and has a minty smell. Overall, a great product, definitely worth trying especially during this time of the year. Make sure you choose the right color for you, because although I love this product, I think the color is not the best suited for my skin tone. I will try other colors in the future for sure.

5. Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner



I have looked for this in probably 3 Boots and Superdrugs ( in the UK) because it was sold out everywhere in this particular silver color. I finally found it and I can see why people love it now. It is one of the few glittery eye liners that I have ever tried and have not been dissapointed with the watery texture or bad quality of glitter. It is very intense when you apply it and lasts long. Plus, it is very affordable! Make sure you buy one with a good brush though.

6. NYX whipped lipgloss



I have had this for quite a while now but never used it for some reason. I finally tried it and it has become one of my daily favorites. It is a very nude color with peach undertones. It is quite opaque and it is not sticky at all. However, if you are not a fan of very nude lipsticks and prefer a rather sheer nude lipgloss you might not like it.

I hope this was useful!

Stay fab! xx


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