Minimal look: Gold, Bronze and Brown Eye


It’s Juna here again. Ella is temporarily away (in China!) and will be back to normal posting as soon as she is back ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s look is a very simple and understated eye that you can wear everyday. The colours I used help brighten my eyes and they go really well with my skin tone.

I used my Estรฉe Lauder Five Colour EyeShadow Palette in 08 Bronze Dunes for the whole look.

Now on to the steps!

1. I apply the shimmery white shade all over my eyelid and in the corner of my eyes (with a large flat brush). Putting a light colour such as this as your base will ensure that all the other colours you put on your eyelid stand out and look like their true colour.

2012-12-19 06.14.56

2012-12-16 06.00.32

2. Next, I apply the metallic bronze shade all over my eyelid, avoiding the corner of my eye. I use a medium flat brush.

2012-12-19 06.15.17

2012-12-16 06.02.28

2012-12-16 06.02.38

3. Using a medium flat brush, I apply the matte brown colour in the outer corner of my eye, and blend it up to the middle of my eyelid.

2012-12-19 06.15.54

2012-12-16 06.05.20

4. With a small flat brush, I apply the dark satin brown into the outer corner of my eye (I do not blend this as far as the step above) and up in to my crease.

2012-12-19 06.16.28

2012-12-16 06.10.24

2012-12-16 06.10.49

6. For finishing touches, I use a liner brush and use the same dark satin brown and apply a soft line right above my outer eyelashes. You can make this heavier and more defined if you like. I apply a soft mascara with a lengthening and separating wand. I finish the look with a soft lipstick (Revlon Colourburst Lipstick in 050 Hazelnut).

2012-12-19 06.17.13

2012-12-19 06.18.09

7. Finished look!

2012-12-16 06.17.32

2012-12-16 06.21.37

2012-12-16 06.19.12

Stay fab!


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