Put a turban on it!

It’s gloomy and cold in England these days, and I really miss tropical weather.

To escape the freeze, Ella and I visited Morocco over Easter, and we tried out turbans almost every single day 🙂


Here we are at Jardin Majorelle.

If you’re in warm weather, and it gets too humid and your hair frizzes up, a turban is the perfect way to look stylish (with bird’s nest hair underneath it :D) Plus, you don’t need any clips or pins to hold it down, and its super-easy and very fast!

I’ve done some videos on my four favourite styles of wrapping a turban. You will need a long shawl for these looks 🙂

ps. I did a voiceover because I was absent-mindedly playing Kenny Rogers in the background. You may disapprove of my choosing to listen to Kenny Rogers.

1. Moroccan Turban

A classic one, I learnt this while in Marrakech. This is a simpler version of the Moroccan turban that the Berbers wear when they are out in the desert.

2012-12-22 04.08.45

2012-12-22 04.09.29

2. Moroccan Turban 60’s Style

This style was taught to me by some Bedouins who took me on a death ride on a camel. It is very simple, and looks very chic!

2012-12-22 04.12.15

2012-12-22 04.12.35

3. Retro Turban

I came up with this after experimenting with the shawl for hours. This is the same style I did in the first photo of me and Ella 🙂

2012-12-22 04.05.44

4. African Turban

I looked at a couple of YouTube tutorials for this one, and came up with a style I am comfortable with 🙂

2012-12-22 04.14.57

There you have it! Try out a turban today 😉

Until next time, and stay fab! xx


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