New purchases :)

Hello all 🙂

First off, Merry Christmas! Hope you all had a lovely festive day!

Today I’ve decided to do a short post today on makeup I’ve bought over the last two weeks.

I’m also working on a New Year’s dramatic makeup, so bear with me!

1. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink

2012-12-26 04.54.23

I normally stick to liquid liner (L’Oreal Superliner Carbon Gloss). The essential difference between these two is that liquid liner is glossier, while the gel liner is more matte and intense. Also, with liquid liners you can make mistakes and it is easier to correct than gel liners, because they dry out in 10-15 seconds. With gel liner, you have to use a separate liner brush (I use an angled flat brush), but liquid liners come with applicators.

I really like this product because of the long-lasting effect and the intensity of the colour.

2. Sleek Blush by 3 in Pink Sprint 366

2012-12-26 04.54.51

I bought this palette after falling in love with Ella’s Pumpkin Palette. These colours are incredibly matte, and you have to be careful about how you apply them, as a much heavier application will make it difficult to blend. I use Pink Parfait (the colour on the left) for the hollows of my cheeks and apply a bit of Pink Ice (the colour in the middle) on the apples of my cheeks. It’s a good palette if you want to go for dramatic blush.

3. Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara.

2012-12-26 04.55.22

2012-12-26 04.56.09

I absolutely love this! Such a good investment 🙂 My lashes are pretty long and they cross over, so it’s pretty difficult for me to control the application without making it clump (with other mascaras). This mascara has an excellent pointed brush, and it separates and lengthens lashes without them clumping. A single coat leaves your lashes defined and separated, and adding on more coats will make your lashes look very dramatic. I recommend this to everyone!

4. Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks in 050 Hazelnut, 095 Crimson, 015 Grape.

2012-12-26 04.59.20

I’ve used these lipsticks in two posts before, and I must say I really like them. They are quite moisturising, but you may want to add some clear gloss on top. The colour is not too intense so you can build it up or play it down if you like 🙂

There you have it!

Stay fab, everyone! xx


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