Peacock make up:jade, turquoise and purple

Hey guys!

It’s Ella here today:)  I decided to recreate this peacock make up, I think it is very bright and colorful, perfect for days when you want to brighten up your mood! I apologize for the photos being so dark, but unfortunately we did not have very good lighting when shooting this look.

Step 1: Using a flat brush, apply a jade/green color in the inside half of your upper eyelid. Don’t worry too much about blending at this point.




Step 2&3: Using the same flat brush, apply a turquoise color in the middle of your upper eyelid and a darker purple color in the outer corners. Do the same under the eyes.





Step 4: Using a fluffy brush, apply a light brown color in your crease, blending out the harsh edges. You can also use the same brush(make sure it is clean) to slightly blend the green, turquoise and purple together.  Use a smaller crease/ fluffy brush to add a darker blue in the crease, concentrating in the outer corners(we forgot to take a picture of this step, sorry!) Don’t worry if it is not too blended though, this look is quite dramatic and you can choose to not blend it too much.



Step 5: Add liquid liner on your outer corners or your upper eyelid and also a bit on your waterline to make the look more intense. Add mascara on your top and bottom lashes.














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