How to: make your eyes look bigger( Soft brown makeup included)



We decided to show you a few steps that can help make your eyes appear bigger, as a couple of you requested. I(Ella) have very small eyes as well, and had to learn a few tricks over the years in order to ‘open’ my eyes and make them look bigger. I hope you find this useful!

Step 1:

I always say that the first step in making your eyes appear bigger is to cover your under eye circles and brighten that area, so that the eyes can really pop. Just use a bit of concealer 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone and apply it in a triangular shape under your eyes. Blend it carefully using a brush or even your fingers. Add some powder to set the concealer.






Step 2:

Apply a shimmery light beige color all over the lid using a flat brush. This step is probably present almost every day in my morning make up routine, it really helps open up my eyes and make them look more ‘awake’. I also recommend doing this for girls who have very small eyelids, such as mine(by that I mean that my crease is quite low, giving less ‘lid’ space).Image


Step 3:

Using a small flat brush or a pointed brush, apply a bit of an even brighter shimmery white color in the inner corners of the eyes. This will also help the eyes pop and give the illusion of the eyes being more far away from each other.



Step 4:

Another key to really emphasizing your eyes is ‘lifting’ the eyebrow. By combing and filling in the eyebrows, the eye will really stand out. Also, the brow can be lightly ‘lifted’ by applying a bit of a matte(or shimmery, if you prefer) light beige color under the brow.




Step 5:

Using a fluffy brush, add a golden eyeshadow in the crease, not taking it too much in. This creates the illusion of a higher crease and makes the eyes look bigger.



Step 6:

Using a smaller fluffy brush(or a crease brush), apply a darker shade of brown in the crease, this time only taking it two-thirds in. Use a flat brush or angled brush to apply the same color halfway under the eyes.





 Step 7:

Add gel liner under the eyes halfway in and wing it a little bit on the top in the outer corners.




Step 8:

Add a good coat of mascara on the top and bottom lashes. A lengthening mascara is preferred. I also added a bit of silver glitter eyeliner in the inner corners of my eyes, just to brighten the eyes even more. Then apply a natural shade of lipstick with some gloss on top, as a brighter shade might overwhelm the face and take the attention off the eyes. Don’t forget to smile, it is the best trick for making your eyes really pop! 🙂






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