Ella’s look of the day

Hey guys!

We decided that we will try to take more pictures of our daily looks, literally what makeup we put on every morning,  so you can have a better idea of what we wear on a daily basis! Also, we hope that this is a way to keep in touch with you more, as it will allow us to post more during this busy time of the year for us at university!

Many of these looks will obviously be more natural and wearable than the slightly more dramatic looks that we often recreate here on the blog. We hope you enjoy it though, as many of you mentioned that you prefer to see more natural makeup looks that are easier to recreate when you are running late in the morning! We all try to take these pictures as soon as we can 🙂







I(Ella)  used a medium coverage foundation, a natural bronzer and a bit of a pink blush. On the lid I applied a medium orange color in the crease and then a bit of a dark mauve color with some purple hints on top. I took a bit of the mauve under the eyes halfway in as well. On the lips, I applied a natural tan color and then topped it up with some brown shimmery gloss. I added a lengthening mascara and gel liner on my waterline and a bit under the eyes.


The FabPalette


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