Juna’s curly hair routine

Hello everyone!

It’s Juna here 🙂

We’re back after a temporary hiatus with more posts!

Today I’m gonna do one on my hair and how I style it curly.


My hair is naturally very curly. It’s not always been like this; I had pin-straight hair when young, a frizzy mop in my early teens, and then my hair finally evolved into what it is when I was 16 or so.

It can be pretty dry and frizzy, because curly hair is naturally a bit more coarse than straight hair. I used to tame the frizz by piling on excessive amounts of creams and mousse when styling, but this didn’t look too good. Through a process of trial and error (that took a couple of years :P) I have finally found a routine which makes my hair look good.


If I have the time, I try to massage my hair with some oil (I love Argan oil) and pile my hair into a bun and wait for an hour or so. I don’t comb or brush my hair at any stage when keeping my hair curly because I find that it makes it frizzy.


I know a lot of people advocate curl-enhancing shampoos and conditioners, but I find that these do little for my hair. Instead, I use a normal shampoo (H&S, because my scalp can get dry) and a moisturising conditioner (I use H&S Smooth and Silky). One or twice a week a use a deep-conditioning mask. Most drugstore brands like Pantene have really good conditioning masks at cheap prices. I finger-comb through my hair and detangle it while in the shower; this is the only time I detangle it, but I normally never have huge knots in my hair.


I squeeze excess water out of my hair and wrap a towel around my hair without rubbing it dry. I find that rubbing it causes my hair to become really frizzy even before styling. I keep the towel on for about 5 minutes, and then remove it (again, I don’t rub my hair). Next, I use my styling cream of choice. I use relatively fewer styling products than when I straighten my hair as excess product weighs down my hair and loosens the curls too much.

I use a pea-sized amount of product and work it through my damp hair. It’s always better to use a little product, because excess product causes the dreaded crunchy-curl, leaving your hair very stiff to the touch.

If I find that my hair has dried up a bit, I spritz it with some water. After applying the cream, I roll my hair into a tight bun on top of my head and keep it there for about 3 minutes. I don’t think many people would approve of this (some people go for the scrunch-and-dry approach), but it works better for me because I feel that my hair strands gather together, and when I dry them with my blowdryer I get thicker curls.

Currently, I use this product;

DSC_3366Bumble and Bumble Bb Curl Conscious Defining Creme

Some of the other styling creams I have used and loved over the years are:

1. Kérastase Créme D’Huile Oléo-Curl (Lovely scent, leaves curls very softly styled)

2. Pantene Defined Curls Mousse (More definition than the product above, curls last a bit longer. Style lasts overnight)


A diffuser is an absolute must-have in every curly-haired girl’s beauty arsenal. Replace the nozzle of your blow dryer with this and it performs wonders. It spreads the hot air out evenly while helping keep the shape of the curls.



My weapon of choice: BaByliss Pro Speed Professional Expertise

I use a blow dryer with multiple speed and heat settings. I always use m diffuser on the lowest speed (wouldn’t want to lose the form of my styled curls!) and at medium heat.

I then roll out my bun (my hair still in the spiral) and tip my head over and collect my hair into the diffuser. While drying, i slowly separate the curls in thick sections as I go along. I like a bit of volume on top of my hair, which is why I tip my head over to dry my hair. 

If I want to have a uniform part, I part my hair while it is still damp (skipping the bun) and alternatively scrunch and blow dry (this is the method shown in the picture below).



This process takes me anywhere from 15-25 minutes (takes patience ;)). 


After drying my hair, I sometimes use a curling iron on the few curls that frame my face, this makes it look more put-together, I feel.



I then spray a light mist of medium-hold hairspray (not too much) to keep my hair in place. And that’s about it 🙂









Any questions about this post? Feel free to drop a comment below!

Until next time, and stay fab! xx


Ella’s hair products wish list

Hi again!

Both me and Juna have been trying to take better care of our hair since we got our haircuts (one of the reasons was that our hair was just way too damaged!)

So I have been on a hunt for some of the best hair products out there, researching and reading  confessions of people who have tried all kinds of products. This is the list I made with basically all  the things that I need to have in my life right now! Some of them I have tried before and I liked them a lot and some of them I can’t wait to try and see if they live up to the expectations! Here they are:

1. Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Shampoo and Conditioner(I don’t think I will try the mask, at least not for now)


I heard a lot of people on YouTube raving about the Bumble and Bumble line, but also some of them absolutely hating it, so I never really decided to give it a try. However, I was given some samples of it the other day in Boots so I finally tried it. I have naturally curly hair so very often it gets frizzy and out of control.  I really liked how smooth my hair was after using  these products and especially how it tamed my frizzy hair! I will give it a go and use it for longer so I can tell if it really works, since I only used it a couple of times.

2. Organix’s Macadamia Oil intensive mask


Everyone loves, so I need to try it! Unfortunately I haven’t found my holly grail hair mask yet. May be this will be it, who knows?

3. TRESemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray


I have been searching everywhere for the best heat protector out there. There a couple winners, but this one I noticed being mentioned in most confessions. Juna has it and she loves it as well. Considering the price, the smell and the amount you get, it is definitely a winner!

4.Schwarzkopf Osis Finish Sparkler Shine Spray


 I want to try a good shine spray, as I haven’t used one in ages. I haven’t tried this one before, but it gets very good reviews so decided I will try it. I just want to use it to make my hair more shiny, healthy looking especially on those grey, gloomy days when beautiful hair just makes you feel better 😀

5.L’oreal Professionnel Techni Art Super Dust & Texture Powder


I quite like using a bit of dry shampoo in the mornings to add some volume to the roots of my hair. But I heard this product is even better than that. Apparently a small amount of this ‘magic powder’ gets you crazy volume at your roots. And it seems like it would last  for ages as well! Let’s see if it really works!

Have you tried any of these products?

Les us know if you did and what did you think about them! We are open to any recommendations, even though this wish list is already getting way too long :))


The FabPalette

Whip yo’ hair back and forth

Hey there!

It’s Juna here 🙂 Sorry about the lack of posts recently but between exams and classes starting again, we’v been pretty busy. To make up for it I’m doing a short post today about a couple of hair products I really like.

By the way, I have to apologise that a lot of the products here have their caps missing. I am cursed when it comes to bottle caps.

1. Argan Oil

This dubious-looking bottle is singularly the best hair product I have ever used. It’s Argan Oil (marketed sometimes as Moroccan Oil) and I got this while in Essaouira. The oil can be used for multiple purposes, but I primarily use it for my hair. Since I use straighteners on my hair a lot, it gets pretty damaged over time, specially the ends. After a couple of weeks of using this product I noticed a marked difference in the appearance of my hair, and it was falling out much less. This is one product that should be in every girl’s beauty arsenal.


2. Aussie Dual Personality Hi-Hold + Hi-Shine Hairspray

One of the better hairsprays that I have come across. Aussie products are great for volume, and this hairspray doesn’t disappoint. It doesn’t dry out my hair (as some other hairsprays do) and doesn’t make it too rigid to the touch. Plus, it smells great!


3. TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray

This product disperses a mist (though it says spray). It’s very light so I use this when I am going for more voluminous hair. One problem is that your hair gets damp when you put a bit more of the product on, so you have to wait for a bit for the hair to dry before using the straightener/curling iron.


4. VO5 Tame&Shine Heat Defence Taming Spray

This spray doubles as a heat protectant and a shine spray. The texture is more similar to that of a hair serum, and it is great if you are going for a more sleek do, as it de-frizzes your hair (not recommended if you want to go for volume). One down-side is that you have to be careful about how much you spray on, as a heavy application can result in your hair looking too slick and feeling oily to the touch.


5. John Freida Full Repair Deep Infusion Serum

Again, a wonder product. The bottle is tiny but it packs so much goodness! Just one pump is enough to leave your hair feeling remarkably healthy. Instead of just applying the serum, I would recommend really working it in to the ends of your hair. This really helps with split ends. When out and about and in humid weather, you can use this product to get rid of frizzy hair and fly-aways.


6. Batiste Dry Shampoo

All those days I over-slept and woke up with 20 minutes to get myself to class and no time to wash my hair, this dry shampoo spray helped me look presentable. This may sound nasty to some of you, but I can’t afford to wash and straighten my hair every single day because so much heat would damage it. I spray this on to my roots and work it in with my fingers, comb through, and voila! Instant volume and fresh-looking hair. It’s a bit difficult to wash out though, sometimes it would require about two shampoos to get your hair completely clean. I wouldn’t dare travel anywhere without this!


7. Babyliss Ceramic Straightening Brush

With my new hair, it’s not really possible to wear it curly because my hair poofs up in to the most unflattering afro and I look like your neighbourhood crazy cat lady. I don’t want to use my straightener all the time, and want to change over to blow-drying my hair. I haven’t tried this out yet, but I have heard good reviews about this. It may not be visible in the photo but the black plate of the brush is perforated so the heat from the hair dryer goes right through. I’ll update you all on how good this product is, but I have high hopes!


There it is for now, drop a comment if you want to know where we got our products from, or if you need any advice on specific styling 😀

Until next time, stay fab! xx

The FabPalette gets a makeover!

Hello beautiful readers!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful start to 2013. Good luck with those resolutions! We’re recycling a couple this year 😉 and yes it’s to do with being more healthy, more active, you know, generic resolutions.

One thing we decided to do to really ring in the new year and have a new start was to get a new haircut.

We haven’t had a drastic haircut in a long time, the both of us. So we decided to take a spontaneous trip to the salon and chop off our locks! We went for identical hairstyles; a shoulder length bob.

Here is Ella’s new haircut with a ‘before’ picture:





Here is Juna’s new hair with a ‘before’ picture too:





Some final photos of us together:




Stay fab! xxx

Put a turban on it!

It’s gloomy and cold in England these days, and I really miss tropical weather.

To escape the freeze, Ella and I visited Morocco over Easter, and we tried out turbans almost every single day 🙂


Here we are at Jardin Majorelle.

If you’re in warm weather, and it gets too humid and your hair frizzes up, a turban is the perfect way to look stylish (with bird’s nest hair underneath it :D) Plus, you don’t need any clips or pins to hold it down, and its super-easy and very fast!

I’ve done some videos on my four favourite styles of wrapping a turban. You will need a long shawl for these looks 🙂

ps. I did a voiceover because I was absent-mindedly playing Kenny Rogers in the background. You may disapprove of my choosing to listen to Kenny Rogers.

1. Moroccan Turban

A classic one, I learnt this while in Marrakech. This is a simpler version of the Moroccan turban that the Berbers wear when they are out in the desert.

2012-12-22 04.08.45

2012-12-22 04.09.29

2. Moroccan Turban 60’s Style

This style was taught to me by some Bedouins who took me on a death ride on a camel. It is very simple, and looks very chic!

2012-12-22 04.12.15

2012-12-22 04.12.35

3. Retro Turban

I came up with this after experimenting with the shawl for hours. This is the same style I did in the first photo of me and Ella 🙂

2012-12-22 04.05.44

4. African Turban

I looked at a couple of YouTube tutorials for this one, and came up with a style I am comfortable with 🙂

2012-12-22 04.14.57

There you have it! Try out a turban today 😉

Until next time, and stay fab! xx

Bridesmaid makeup recreated!

Hi there!

Our best friend got married this month, and we had the honour of being her bridesmaids :). Ella and I did similar makeup, it was a statement eye with soft lipstick. We wanted the look to transition easily from day to night. We made it a bit more intense than we actually would wear, because makeup tends to fall out as the day wears on, and it shows up much softer on photos.

Here is a photo of us with the chief bridesmaid Laura, and Liliya the bride:

1. For this look, I curled my hair with a straightening iron the night before. The morning after, you will have soft big wavy curls like this.

2. I do my face base, and start on my eyes. With a big flat brush, I apply a shimmery white eyeshadow all over my eyelid and in the corner of my eye. Then, using a medium flat brush, I apply a matte brown eye shadow in the outer corner and crease of my eye. I blend the brown up to the middle of my eyelid.

3. Using a medium flat brush, I dab a little of the purple right above my crease and blend it in with the base eyeshadow. This was to coordinate my eye makeup with the dress.

4. Next up is the gel liner. I apply a very thick line on my upper eyelid, starting from the inner corner of my eye and winging it above my outer corner. I apply gel liner in and below my water line (from the middle of my pupil to the outer corner). When applying the gel liner on my lower eyelid, I draw a continuous line from the middle of my eye and bring it out to meet the winged line I drew on my upper eyelid. This would make a small triangle above your outer corner, just fill this in with gel liner. This gives the the illusion of the outer corner of my eye being higher than it actually is.

5. Next, I fill in my brows to make them look thicker. I use a small flat brush and dark brown eyeshadow. I add mascara to my top lashes and to my outer bottom lashes.

6. Using a shimmery peach eyeliner, I line my waterline (up to the point where my gel liner starts) and dab a little more around the inner corner of my eye.

7. On Liliya’s wedding, I used a soft pink lipgloss for the day and a dark pink lipstick for the night. I used a different, brighter pink for today’s post.

8. Finished look 🙂

Stay fab! xx

The FabPalette gives a makeover!

Hello! It’s Juna here

I’m so excited about our first makeover!

We insisted on doing our friend Muna’s hair and makeup for an event. Here is a quick look at the before and after:

Her makeup was coordinated to match her outfit, which we picked out too.

1. First, I did her face base (concealer, blush and highlight). Muna’s skin is really good so I did not have to use foundation to even it out.

2. I use a white shimmery eyeshadow and cover her entire eyelid up to the crease of her eyes.I also dab some of the white shimmer on to the inner corner of her eye.

3. Next, I use a shimmery dark brown with high pigment. I use this on the outer corner of her eye and blend it out to her crease, and two-thirds into her eyelid.

4. Using a very pigmented dark plum shimmer eye shadow, I apply it on to the outer corner of her eye. This eyeshadow I used looks more like a gun-metal grey when applied. Using an almost-black (not true black) eyeshadow and a flat liner brush, I line her upper eyelid. This line does not have to be ultra-precise, I smudged it a bit as I applied. I then line her lower eyelid halfway (starting from the outer corner of her eye up to the middle of her pupil). This helps to enhance Mona’s almond eyes.

*Sorry! Didn’t have a photo for this step :(*

5. To add some colour to this monochrome look, I add a bit of purple right above her crease, and blend it into the darker eyeshadow.

6. Next, LASHINGS of mascara!

7. I finish the look by applying a dark pink lipstick to her lips. Final look!

Thank you Mona! Hope you enjoyed the look!

Ella’s soft natural pink look

Hi guys!

This is a slightly different version of my natural daily look in the previous post. By adding pink in the crease instead of a darker burgundy shade, we can obtain a softer look using the same technique.

1. I’m gonna start by showing my daily face routine. I used a medium-coverage foundation, some bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks and some pink blush on the apples of my cheeks.

2. With a flat brush I am applying a soft beige colour with very slight shimmer in it on the whole of my eyelid and underneath my brow.

3. With the same flat brush I use a slightly more shimmery beige colour and apply it in the middle of my eyelid to brighten my eyes even more.

4. I apply a soft pink colour in the crease with a blending brush and blend it quite well.

5. With a more precise brush I apply a brown colour in the crease without blending it in with the pink, and taking it only halfway inside the crease.

6. I use a bit of the same pink under my eyes two-thirds in with a flat brush.

7. I use the same brown just a bit on the outer corner under my eyes.

8. I apply gel-liner on my waterline, and a bit on the outer corner of my top eyelid.

9. I smudge the black liner a bit under my eye.

10. I apply a good coat of mascara on my top and bottom lashes.

11. I line my lips with a nude pink lip liner, then apply some nude pink lip colour as a base for my lips. To finish it off I apply some bright pink lip gloss.

12. Finished look! Two ways I like to wear my hair with this makeup is either softly curled or two bits of hair on both sides of my face pinned at the back with bobby pins.

Remember, to anyone who says that you’re not fab, just say:

‘Approval neither desired or required’- Noxzeema Jackson