Crazy smokey purple look! Plus a surprise soon!

Hey guys!

We are back again, we had some technical issues lately and lost all the pictures of a very exciting makeover we have done recently! But don’t worry, we will definitely shoot another one soon and post it! Meanwhile, Ella recreated a crazy smokey eye purple look with a very sleek, sort of different hairstyle. We love experimenting and sharing it with you! These are the steps:

1. Apply your foundation. Use a blush brush or whatever brush you prefer and apply some bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks and on your temples. Apply a light pink blush with some shimmery highlighting pigments in it on the apples of your cheeks, slightly blending it with the bronzer.




2. Using a dense flat brush (it helps prevent fallout), apply a matte dark lilac color all over the lid. Make sure you don’t take it too high up. Softly blend the edges with a fluffy brush( for better blending, you can use a tiny bit of a light tan color or pale orange with the brush you use for blending). Take a bit of the same color under the eyes all the way in as well. The color I used in this picture is the dark lilac color between the dark purple and the dark blue on the bottom row.




3. Using the same flat brush, apply the darker purple color(right side from the dark lilac color in the earlier picture) in a ‘V’ shape in the outer corners of the eyes. This smokey eye is all about layering, you just want to darken slightly, you don’t need to see a huge difference when you apply the colors one after each other.




4. Using a pencil( or powder, if you prefer) fill in your eyebrows slightly just to give some definition to your eyebrows and help make the eye makeup stand out.



5. Use the same flat brush to apply an even darker purple in the outer corner in a ‘V’, similar to the earlier step.  Take a bit of the same color under the eyes, taking it only two-thirds in. I know that in the picture the color looks very blue, but I promise it is a very dark purple!

Apply some gel liner on your top and bottom waterlines and also just a tiny bit in the outer corner on your eyelid and under the eyes, to define the eyes even more. I also put a bit of a white matte shadow under my brow bone,nothing too crazy though.Apply a generous coat of mascara on your top and bottom lashes and top it up with a sheer sparkly light pink gloss. We don’t want to overwhelm the look with too much pigment on the lips!

For hair, all I did is to brush my hair back and hairspray it a bit so it stays in place. Play with it a little bit until you get the desired shape.  Add a shine spray if you want.  I feel like having your hair in the back or up in an updo really opens up the face and helps emphasize your eyes when you are wearing a smokey eye look. Hope you enjoy!












Voila!  We hope you enjoyed!

Ok, and now about the surprise! Well actually there are two of them. The first one is that we will have a guest blogger very soon with fresh new looks for you. We are very excited to have her! She is blonde, with blue eyes and does great makeup!

The second surprise(it was a huge one for us as well!) is that we have been nominated for the Inspiration and also the Versatile Blogger awards by one of our readers, lovely Cross5Star! We are incredibly honored and still can’t believe it! We will definitely do a full post about it soon with more details but for now, thank you so much Cross5Star, we love your blog too!

Much love,

The FabPalette.


Ella’s look of the day

Hey guys!

We decided that we will try to take more pictures of our daily looks, literally what makeup we put on every morning,  so you can have a better idea of what we wear on a daily basis! Also, we hope that this is a way to keep in touch with you more, as it will allow us to post more during this busy time of the year for us at university!

Many of these looks will obviously be more natural and wearable than the slightly more dramatic looks that we often recreate here on the blog. We hope you enjoy it though, as many of you mentioned that you prefer to see more natural makeup looks that are easier to recreate when you are running late in the morning! We all try to take these pictures as soon as we can 🙂







I(Ella)  used a medium coverage foundation, a natural bronzer and a bit of a pink blush. On the lid I applied a medium orange color in the crease and then a bit of a dark mauve color with some purple hints on top. I took a bit of the mauve under the eyes halfway in as well. On the lips, I applied a natural tan color and then topped it up with some brown shimmery gloss. I added a lengthening mascara and gel liner on my waterline and a bit under the eyes.


The FabPalette

Valentine’s Day! The FabPalette style

A bit mysterious. A bit retro. A bit red.

That’s one way one of seeing Valentine’s Day!

Here are a couple of pictures of one look you could wear for Valentine’s day! It has a bit a drama with the thick eyeliner, a bit a shine in the eyes with a pop of gold in the inner corners and a bit of passion with the red lips! We hope you enjoy! 🙂





New purchases Part 2

Hey everyone! It’s Juna here. Here is my second haul of makeup I’ve bought.

Without further to do, here it is 🙂

1. Maybelline SuperStay 10H Tint Gloss in Forever Coral.

This product is true to what it promises: the gloss lasts incredibly long! The colour is very pigmented, and you can apply it by itself without a lipstick. I applied it around 5 in the afternoon, and my lips were still super-moisturised at 10pm. I topped it up at 11pm and there was still a hint of colour on my lips in the morning when I woke up. It’s moisturising, and not sticky at all. texture-wise, I would say it resembles Vaseline.

2. L’Oréal Glam Shine Fresh 6H Gloss Brilliance in Fresh Grenadine.

I love the shade of this lip gloss. The colour is not too pigmented, and this lipgloss is perfect to top up a lipstick to make it pop. The only downside is that it is super sticky. Being out in the wind with loose hair turned out to be a bad idea with this gloss.

3. Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss – Sheer Colour in Tease.

I have never tried Smashbox products before. Their products are a bit more expensive (on the same price level as Bobbi Brown). I absolutely love this gloss. It’s a beautiful bright plum colour, and has a medium tint (not too sheer). I’ll be buying more glosses from Smashbox for sure 🙂



* Colours in the same order as the first photo above*

4. Estée Lauder DayWear BB Cream in 02 Medium


I haven’t bought BB creams before as they resembled foundations too much, and looked like a heavy application when I wore it. I recently researched online and found about this new product from Estée Lauder. I like this very much as it is a very light-coverage BB cream and it covers blemishes very well. It smells amazing! (a very soft cucumber scent). It is a bit more on the expensive side but I feel it’s a good investment. I use a dollop of it and apply it over my face after applying a little moisturiser. It also has SPF 35.

5. Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Powder Makeup with SPF10 in New Rich Cocoa


I have always used Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder in Basic Brown, but I decided to change it up a bit this time. I’ve had problems with my T-zone lately, and this product helps to control the shine very effectively. The powder stays on for very long, and I haven’t noticed it clogging my pores at all. One tip I would give to anyone trying to find a matching shade when buying pressed or loose powder is; don’t go to the drugstore and apply the foundation lightly. Be crass and rub your finger strongly onto the sample, and then swipe your finger on your face near your cheekbone. The accentuated pigment should be similar to your skin tone. I have learnt this about powders the hard way ;).

*** BONUS ***

If you’re living in Nottingham, pay attention! House of Fraser is doing an amazing promotion on Estée Lauder products until the 16th of February. I went to the outlet in Victoria Centre, and after buying their two products above, I got all these products below for FREE! I am not quite sure if the offer is available nation-wide at all House of Frasers.

1. Makeup bag.

2. Perfectly Clean Fresh Balancing Exfoliator.

3. DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme.

4. Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum

5. Advanced Night Repair Serum

6. Pure Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Ivory Slipper, Silver Bell, Iridescent Violet and Smokey Ember.

7. Your choice of lipstick, you can choose between a pink shade (I chose this) and a coral shade.

Together the entire gift is worth £90, I was told.


Giving you all a heads up!

That’s it for now, hope you enjoyed this post!

Stay fab! xx

How to: make your eyes look bigger( Soft brown makeup included)



We decided to show you a few steps that can help make your eyes appear bigger, as a couple of you requested. I(Ella) have very small eyes as well, and had to learn a few tricks over the years in order to ‘open’ my eyes and make them look bigger. I hope you find this useful!

Step 1:

I always say that the first step in making your eyes appear bigger is to cover your under eye circles and brighten that area, so that the eyes can really pop. Just use a bit of concealer 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone and apply it in a triangular shape under your eyes. Blend it carefully using a brush or even your fingers. Add some powder to set the concealer.






Step 2:

Apply a shimmery light beige color all over the lid using a flat brush. This step is probably present almost every day in my morning make up routine, it really helps open up my eyes and make them look more ‘awake’. I also recommend doing this for girls who have very small eyelids, such as mine(by that I mean that my crease is quite low, giving less ‘lid’ space).Image


Step 3:

Using a small flat brush or a pointed brush, apply a bit of an even brighter shimmery white color in the inner corners of the eyes. This will also help the eyes pop and give the illusion of the eyes being more far away from each other.



Step 4:

Another key to really emphasizing your eyes is ‘lifting’ the eyebrow. By combing and filling in the eyebrows, the eye will really stand out. Also, the brow can be lightly ‘lifted’ by applying a bit of a matte(or shimmery, if you prefer) light beige color under the brow.




Step 5:

Using a fluffy brush, add a golden eyeshadow in the crease, not taking it too much in. This creates the illusion of a higher crease and makes the eyes look bigger.



Step 6:

Using a smaller fluffy brush(or a crease brush), apply a darker shade of brown in the crease, this time only taking it two-thirds in. Use a flat brush or angled brush to apply the same color halfway under the eyes.





 Step 7:

Add gel liner under the eyes halfway in and wing it a little bit on the top in the outer corners.




Step 8:

Add a good coat of mascara on the top and bottom lashes. A lengthening mascara is preferred. I also added a bit of silver glitter eyeliner in the inner corners of my eyes, just to brighten the eyes even more. Then apply a natural shade of lipstick with some gloss on top, as a brighter shade might overwhelm the face and take the attention off the eyes. Don’t forget to smile, it is the best trick for making your eyes really pop! 🙂





Prom look!

Hey guys!

I have a prom look for you today! It is quite simple, elegant and fun! I would wear this look to prom or similar events, but you can wear it anywhere literally- a nice dinner, a cocktail party or out clubbing. I think the lip color really warms up and brings the whole look together, as it makes your face look less  harsh and gives a younger appearance. So, if you can get your hands on a similar rose color to complement this look, that would be great. Enjoy!

Step 1: Apply a white shimmery base all over the lid with a flat brush. Apply a grey color(with mauve hints) in the crease with a large fluffy brush or an angled crease brush. Apply a bit under the eyes as well.



2. Using a fluffy brush, apply a grey color( it has slight hints of mauve and looks more mauve int he packaging actually, but the lighting unfortunately doesn’t catch it)  with an angled fluffy brush concentrating on the outer crease, creating a small ‘v’.



3. Step 3: Using the same angled fluffy brush, I applied just a tiny bit of black in the crease, to darken the look. I used a black kohl pencil to line my waterline and added mascara (heavier on the upper lashes). I also applied a bit of a matte white eyeshadow under my brow bone. I used a pink creamy lipstick after I lined my lips( you can choose to apply it without lining your lips, but for evening looks I always feel that it looks better if you line your lips beforehand). Voila!







Smokey Monochrome Eye

Quick post on a simple smokey eye makeup that is very versatile 🙂

You can use this monochrome look with most outfits, as it is very basic and complements most colours (outfits that is).

On to the steps!

1. Fill in your eyebrows with a dark brown eyeshadow or an eyebrow pencil.


2. Apply a shimmery white or silver eyeshadow all over your eyelid. I used two shades: a white shade from my Estee Lauder palette and a white shimmery shadow from my Yves Saint Laurent palette on top of it to make it more shimmery.





3. Next, I use the black eyeshadow on my Bobbi Brown palette and a flat liner brush and line the top of my eyelid. The line does not have to be super-precise and you can smudge it a bit as you go along.



4. Using an angled blending brush and the same eyeshadow as before, I apply it to the crease of my eye.



5. Now I am going to intensify the black liner by smudging gel-liner on the same line, applying it on my waterline, and smudging it on my lower-lid (half-way).



6. Using a blending brush, I do another application of black eyeshadow on my crease and intensify it.




7. I top off the look with mascara. To counter eyeshadow fall-out below your eyes, apply some concealer under your eyes. Add some dark lipstick to finish off the look.





Stay fab! xx

New purchases :)

Hello all 🙂

First off, Merry Christmas! Hope you all had a lovely festive day!

Today I’ve decided to do a short post today on makeup I’ve bought over the last two weeks.

I’m also working on a New Year’s dramatic makeup, so bear with me!

1. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink

2012-12-26 04.54.23

I normally stick to liquid liner (L’Oreal Superliner Carbon Gloss). The essential difference between these two is that liquid liner is glossier, while the gel liner is more matte and intense. Also, with liquid liners you can make mistakes and it is easier to correct than gel liners, because they dry out in 10-15 seconds. With gel liner, you have to use a separate liner brush (I use an angled flat brush), but liquid liners come with applicators.

I really like this product because of the long-lasting effect and the intensity of the colour.

2. Sleek Blush by 3 in Pink Sprint 366

2012-12-26 04.54.51

I bought this palette after falling in love with Ella’s Pumpkin Palette. These colours are incredibly matte, and you have to be careful about how you apply them, as a much heavier application will make it difficult to blend. I use Pink Parfait (the colour on the left) for the hollows of my cheeks and apply a bit of Pink Ice (the colour in the middle) on the apples of my cheeks. It’s a good palette if you want to go for dramatic blush.

3. Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara.

2012-12-26 04.55.22

2012-12-26 04.56.09

I absolutely love this! Such a good investment 🙂 My lashes are pretty long and they cross over, so it’s pretty difficult for me to control the application without making it clump (with other mascaras). This mascara has an excellent pointed brush, and it separates and lengthens lashes without them clumping. A single coat leaves your lashes defined and separated, and adding on more coats will make your lashes look very dramatic. I recommend this to everyone!

4. Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks in 050 Hazelnut, 095 Crimson, 015 Grape.

2012-12-26 04.59.20

I’ve used these lipsticks in two posts before, and I must say I really like them. They are quite moisturising, but you may want to add some clear gloss on top. The colour is not too intense so you can build it up or play it down if you like 🙂

There you have it!

Stay fab, everyone! xx

Minimal look: Gold, Bronze and Brown Eye


It’s Juna here again. Ella is temporarily away (in China!) and will be back to normal posting as soon as she is back 🙂

Today’s look is a very simple and understated eye that you can wear everyday. The colours I used help brighten my eyes and they go really well with my skin tone.

I used my Estée Lauder Five Colour EyeShadow Palette in 08 Bronze Dunes for the whole look.

Now on to the steps!

1. I apply the shimmery white shade all over my eyelid and in the corner of my eyes (with a large flat brush). Putting a light colour such as this as your base will ensure that all the other colours you put on your eyelid stand out and look like their true colour.

2012-12-19 06.14.56

2012-12-16 06.00.32

2. Next, I apply the metallic bronze shade all over my eyelid, avoiding the corner of my eye. I use a medium flat brush.

2012-12-19 06.15.17

2012-12-16 06.02.28

2012-12-16 06.02.38

3. Using a medium flat brush, I apply the matte brown colour in the outer corner of my eye, and blend it up to the middle of my eyelid.

2012-12-19 06.15.54

2012-12-16 06.05.20

4. With a small flat brush, I apply the dark satin brown into the outer corner of my eye (I do not blend this as far as the step above) and up in to my crease.

2012-12-19 06.16.28

2012-12-16 06.10.24

2012-12-16 06.10.49

6. For finishing touches, I use a liner brush and use the same dark satin brown and apply a soft line right above my outer eyelashes. You can make this heavier and more defined if you like. I apply a soft mascara with a lengthening and separating wand. I finish the look with a soft lipstick (Revlon Colourburst Lipstick in 050 Hazelnut).

2012-12-19 06.17.13

2012-12-19 06.18.09

7. Finished look!

2012-12-16 06.17.32

2012-12-16 06.21.37

2012-12-16 06.19.12

Stay fab!